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Banquet Tables and Chairs

Banquet Tables and Chairs – Guide To Selection

If you are looking for banquet table and chairs choosing units that will best meet your needs is vitally important. If you are limited in storage space and budget then potentially you will have to choose units that will serve multiple applications. For larger establishments like big hotels or conference centres then you will be able to have specific styles for dedicated events.

The humble chair is a great example of this. For those who need a “work horse” product that can be used for every application and be used day in day out the metal banqueting chair fulfills this. If you are primarily having special events and functions like weddings a Chivari style banqueting chair with its stylish good looks provides a far less corporate style.

For more information on banquet table and chair options call Fiesta Furniture on 01733 570700 where their advisors can advise on all banqueting furniture. Visit their showroom and warehouse where they have thousands of products available to view in stock.

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Banquet Tables and Chairs – Style Or Durability

  • If your primary audience / users are attending stylish functions or meals and are only go to be seated for a few hours then a more decorative chair like a Chivari might be appropriate. These a very smart and stylish chair that look great in highly decorated venues for functions like weddings or meals. These chairs are available in a wide range of colours so can be chosen to blend in with the room surroundings
  • The  Ascot style metal banqueting chair sits well in any function area. The metal construction making it very durable and perfect where it will be regularly stored away

For more information about choosing the correct banquet tables and chairs or any other Hospitality Equipment visit our website or call our specialist advisors on 01733 570700

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