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Banqueting Chairs

Banqueting Chairs

If you are looking to buy Banqueting Chairs there are many designs you can choose from but lets focus on the Chivari.

This Chivari Banqueting Chair is a very popular banqueting chair. It is a chair that we see frequently purchased for event hire situations. We see them being purchased more and more for weddings or big events. Due to its very elegant style it brings class to any event. Being made from solid beech it is a very sturdy and durable chair. The Chivari Chair comes with a choice of seat pad colours, perfect for coordinating any event.

Call Fiesta Furniture on 01733 570700 to discuss Chivari Banqueting Chairs or visit our showroom and warehouse where we have thousands of units available from stock.

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Chivari Banqueting Chairs Frequently asked questions

Are all Chivari Chairs the same?

All Chivai Chairs have the same similar style whic involves carved bamboo joints. However there is a wide range of differences depending on the manufacturer and the wholesaler. This mainly depends on the raw materials used, the qualit of production and procedures followed during production and the company in which you decide to purchase from.

We understand this which is why at Fiesta Furniture we have unbeatable quality at a superb price!

What are Crystal Chivari Chairs? 

  • These are a very elegant option for those looking for unique event furniture.
  • This contemporary design will transform any event through their ability to capture and reflect the lighting.
  • The chair is made from a polycarbonate resin which is a very strong and durable material.

How high can these chairs be stacked?

We usually say you can stack the chairs 10 high however good judgement must be made whilst doing so! The higher the stack the more chance of the stack toppling over!


For more information about Banqueting Chairs or any other Hospitality Equipment visit our website or call our specialist advisors on 01733 570700

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