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Conference Chairs – What to Consider When Choosing?

Style, size and stackability are all important considerations when it comes to choosing conference chairs. We discuss these factors and more in the following post.

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Conferences are not always the most interesting of occasions and concentration can wane at times. For that reason, it is important that your seating is nice and comfortable so as not to distract from proceedings. As such, sturdy chairs with padded seats would make an expedient selection.


In addition to the comfort of your guests, you also want to consider the wellbeing of event organisers – particularly of those involved in distributing the chairs. Conferences can be considerable in terms of attendances and laying chairs out can be quite an ordeal as a result. A good option for conference chairs therefore, is something that is both manageable in size and weight.


While comfort perhaps supersedes style at a conference, it is nevertheless important to consider the latter. In general, understated elegance normally fits the bill at a conference, with both conservative design and low key colours popular at such events.


A much vexed quandary at conferences is what to do with the seating after the event has finished. After all, a large quantity of chairs can require significant space in which to be stored. To help to minimise storage requirements, it can be shrewd to select chairs that can be stacked one on top of another.


Our vast experience in the industry allows us to fully understand the needs of customers and we take great pride in establishing long and successful working relationships with our clients. We have a large facility based in Peterborough and maintain high stock levels throughout the year, a factor that ensures we are able to provide very fast turnaround.

Conference Chairs – More Information

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