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Folding Trestle Tables

Folding Trestle Tables – Selection Criteria

When you are looking to buy folding trestle tables (banqueting tables) there are a variety of criteria that need to be considered when making a selection

One of the main considerations is how many people are you looking to seat. In this article we will provide information on table sizing and seating.

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Folding Trestle Tables – Size to seating

The following rules of thumb may help in seating

  • On a two foot by two foot table you can fit two people (or possibly four at a squeeze – if you are not eating) but space is limited. This size of table is ideal if you need to add an extra length to another trestle table
  • With a four foot by two foot table  you can comfortably seat four people (with a person sat on each side) though two of the people will only have a two foot width, so space will be limited especially if being used by larger adults
  • A six foot by one foot six inches table can accommodate eight people (with three on each on the lengths and one each end) . Though it may be that this kind of table with its narrower width is best used for a presentation of food as surface area is limited
  • A six foot by four foot  table can accommodate eight people (with three on each on the lengths and one each end) . This width of table provides the maximum surface area and is ideal if the seated people will be eating as there is plenty of room for crockery, cutlery and condiments

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