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Limewash Chiavari Chair – Size, Weight and Alternatives

limewash chivari


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The limewash Chiavari chair is a popular seating solution, offering style, flexibility and quality. In this post we take a look at this particular chair.

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Our limewash Chiavari chair is made from European beach wood and features a limewash finish. The seat comes with a removable pad that can be attached using an incorporated hook and loop fastening system. Seat pads are available in the following colours: burgundy, black, gold, ivory, silver, purple or blue.

The chairs can be stacked up to 10 high. This is a factor that helps to ensure that floor space requirements are reduced when the chairs are in storage, comparative to chairs that cannot be stacked.

Size and Weight

The chairs measure 900 millimetres in height by 440 millimetres in width by 450 millimetres in depth. The weight of each individual unit is 4 kilograms. As these measurements suggests, the chairs are quite manageable should manual handling be required, as long as proper techniques are employed.

Limewash Chiavari Chair – Alternatives

Limewash is just one of a number of finishes that we have available in our range of European beach wood Chiavari chairs. Other finishes include white, silver, gold, black or natural beach wood. We also provide a crystal effect model, made from 100% plastic.

Why Chose Fiesta Furniture?

Fiesta Furniture is one of the most reputable and trusted suppliers in the UK contract furniture industry. In addition to providing high quality products, our vast experience means that we are able to understand the needs of our clients. We take great pride in building long lasting working relationships with customers.

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