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Meeting Table – How to Choose a Table that Meets Your Requirements

Choosing a meeting table may seem simple enough, but there can be more than meets the eye to this apparently simple task. In this post we take a look at a few considerations that you may want to make when selecting a meeting table.

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Functionality should be right at the top of any list regarding the desired qualities of a meeting table. The last thing you want is for a piece of furniture to distract from proceedings, so ensure the table is adequate in terms of height and comfort. It may also be an ideal to look for a table that offers protection to meeting room floors, such as those tables that feature protective covers at the base of the table leg.

Style and Design

As we have just discussed, function is perhaps the paramount consideration that should be taken in to account when choosing a table for a meeting. However, style is, nonetheless, an important factor. When it comes to meetings, tables that are smart but understated are often the most effective.


While a meeting table may perform its duties admirably when in use, consideration should also be given to how the table performs when it is not in use; specifically with regards to how easy it is to store. Tables tend to be quite large and may occupy a lot of floor space. This is fine, and perhaps even desirable, when they are being actively used; however, this is not necessarily an advantageous when they are not in use.

For this reason, it can be beneficial to look for a meeting table that is collapsible. This type of table can be folded up to dramatically reduce the amount of floor space they occupy during storage. A folded table may also be easier to manage in terms of manual handling should the tables need to be moved during storage.

Meeting Table – Find Out More

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