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Banquet Tables Sale 6ft Trestle Table Rectangular Trestle Table

Rectangular Trestle Table – Comprehensive Range Available

A D shaped trestel table is an innovative item of furniture that can help you to furnish spaces of all shapes and sizes. The tables can also be used at a wide range of events, including weddings, conferences and parties.

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An Adaptable Design

Owing to the ubiquity of relatively long, thin rooms, a rectangle is an extremely popular shape choice when it comes tables. However, while highly prevalent, rectangular tables are not necessarily the perfect fit for all occasions.

The shape comprises two ends, and those sat at either extremity are the nominal heads of a rectangular table. While they can see everybody else in attendance, others at the table have to shift position depending on who is talking.

Using a D shaped trestel table at either end of a rectangular table can help to round its ends, thereby creating a more socially inclusive shape where everybody in attendance is afforded a more equal positon at the table. This is particularly great for social get-togethers such as parties and banquets.

In addition to being practical when in use, our D shape tables are also very practical when not in use. This is because the tables can folded, a factor that ensure maximum space usage efficiency when the tables during storage.

Options at Fiesta Furniture

At Fiesta Furniture we offer a comprehensive range of trestle table choices, including a D shaped trestel table. The size of this model of table is 5 feet (1,500 millimetres) and it stands 30 inches high (or 750 millimetres).

As with all of our products, this table is delivered fully assembled, meaning you can use it straight away on arrival.

Rectangular Trestle Table – Find Out More

To find out more information about our rectangular trestle table range and other items of furniture, please head over to the products section of our user-friendly website. Here you’ll find detailed descriptions and high quality accompanying images.

You can also call our specialist advisors on 01733 570700.

Meanwhile, click on the following link for more information on quality rattan furniture.

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