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Rectangular Trestle Tables

Rectangular Trestle Tables – Is this the Right Shape of Table for You?

Rectangular trestle tables are very versatile items of furniture that are suitable for use across a range of different events, this includes, but is not limited to, weddings, parties and conferences.

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The Benefits of a Rectangular Table

A practical and functional option, rectangular trestle tables are very well suited to rectangular rooms, which is one of the most common space shapes in buildings.

The tables can be placed towards the edges of rooms as well as near corners, and use the available space extremely efficiently in both positions.

Pound for pound, tables of this shape provide the most seating options. This makes them ideal for rooms in which floor space is at a premium, as well as at events where there are a lot of guests in attendance.

Our trestle tables can be folded when not in use, helping to make them a very practical storage option.

Fiesta Furniture In Depth

Fiesta Furniture is one of the most reputable contract retail suppliers in the country. Located in Peterborough, our central position means we are able to meet the fast turnaround demands of this fast pace industry.

What’s more, with a large and well stocked facility, our customers have plenty of options to choose from, enabling them to find a product that matches their requirements.

As with all of our stock, we deliver our trestle tables fully assembled. So, whether you’re buying trestle tables or any other item of furniture, you are able to use it as soon as it arrives.

Rectangular Trestle Tables – Find Out More

To find out more information about our rectangular trestle tables and other items of furniture, please head over to the products section of our user-friendly website. Here you’ll find detailed descriptions and high quality accompanying images.

You can also call our specialist advisors on 01733 570700.

Meanwhile, click on the following link for more information on quality rattan furniture.

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