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Strong Folding Table Fiesta Furniture

Strong Folding Table – Great Range Available at Fiesta Furniture

A strong folding table can be the perfect item of furniture for a huge range of different events. The tables can be great at corporate functions, parties, weddings and more.

They are capable of ably taking the weight of various items without folding under the pressure. However, when the event is over and the day is done, the tables can be folded away. This extremely useful factor makes these handy tables very economical with space when in storage.

Read on for a full rundown of the shapes and sizes we have available at Fiesta Furniture.

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Strong Folding Table – Fiesta Furniture Options

We understand the importance of finding your perfect table for your event. For this reason, at Fiesta Furniture, we stock a range of different strong folding table options. For instance, we have square folding tables. These tables are available in sizes measuring 2 feet by 2 feet up to those models measuring 8 feet by 2 feet 6 inches. In our large facility, we also have round strong folding tables available. We stock options measuring 2 feet up to those measuring 6 feet. A semi circle or D shape table is also available.

Strong Locking Mechanism

Our tables are designed to bear plenty of weight, whether it’s the elbows of a businessman during a meeting or a dozen Victoria sponge cakes during a party. The tables can of course be folded up when not in use; however, with a strong locking mechanism, this will only happen when you make the decision. Along with the locking mechanism, the tables feature steel legs and a steel frame both of which are powder coated, ensuring stability and a stylish finish.

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