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Banqueting Table Height Adjustment

Trestle Table Extension Legs – Easy to Use, Efficient and Cost Effective

Need to increase the height of your trestle table? Trestle table extension legs could be the solution that you have long been searching for. The handy height enhancers allow you to elevate your tables to new levels of loftiness. They are easy to use, efficient and cost effective, as we elucidate in this post.

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Trestle Table Extension Legs Spec

At Fiesta Furniture, our trestle table extension legs are supplied as a pack of four, one for each table leg. The extension legs are designed to be really easy to fit so you won’t have to worry about fiddling around with them. They add an extra 6 inches to the height of a table and have an inside diameter of 27 mm. The extensions are compatible with all wooden trestle tables that we supply at Fiesta Furniture. They are very handy and can be a lot more economical than purchasing entirely new tables for a single instance when extra height is required.

Of course, if you regularly find yourself needing extra high tables it may be worth considering purchasing a new table that fits the bill. At Fiesta Furniture we have the perfect solution with our HIGH BAR trestle table. This extra high table is 6 inches higher than our regular tables measuring 36 inches off the ground.

Fiesta Furniture Stock

From the outside, the catering industry may look like a piece of cake, with events more often than not going extremely serenely. However, as industry experts we know the hard work that is required behind the scenes for events to go without a hitch. For this reason, we house a large amount of stock in our sizeable facility in Cambridgeshire. This allows us to meet the high demand of our customers and deliver the fast turnaround that they require.

For more information about choosing the right trestle table extension legs and any other hospitality equipment visit our website or call our specialist advisors on 01733 570700

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